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Welcome to Game Verifying.

Wondering if your games are fake or not? Want to read about methods how to verify games? Then this is the place for you. We started in November 2019, dedicated to helping fellow gamers determine whether or not their games, or ones they wanted to buy, were fake or not. After finding misleading information throughout the internet regarding the verification of games, 4 people banded together to help everyone have a clear understanding on the hallmarks of legitimate and counterfeit games.
Now, we have more than 20 trained and trusted verifiers around the globe, a Reddit community consisting over 25,000 members, and an active Discord server with over 1,500 members; all steadily climbing.


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Nintendo DS Verification Guide

Wondering whether your DS games are legit or not?
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Game Boy Family Verification Guide

No matter if Game Boy, GBC or GBA, our guide has got you covered!

Our Services

  • Game Verifying

    We offer a professional verification for your video games, consoles and accessories for the fantastic price of free!
    You can take advantage of our verification service in our subreddit r/gameverifying, or subscribe to our Patreon to access our priority verifying service.

  • Game Valuing

    Do you wonder how much your games, consoles, controller or collectibles are worth?
    Join our Discord community and post in #game-valuing or visit our subreddit r/gamevaluing to find out!

  • Game Grading

    Coming soon.

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